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Today the album "Embrace The Sun" is released. MindSplit is featuring with the song Guardian Angel. The song is about losing someone near, dear and also about that you always have someone watching over you...

You can listen to the song here at the mindwaves section and through our record company Lion Music www.lionmusic.com

God bless you all and remember that you will be loved forevermore...// H.B. & Mathias

ur song Guardian Angel (守護天使) will be featured on compilation cd "Embrace The Sun" and is now sent to our label Lion Music for mastering. The scheduled date for the release are on the 17th day of June. Keep your eyes open!

"One second can be a lifetime
and for a moment everything is changed
One minute of a silent lifetime
a sudden end and everything seems strange"

We hope you will like the song! Please check out more about the album release here.
uch much has happened since we updated the last news here...

Our album Charmerd Human Art Of Significance (C.H.A.O.S) has been released and we have received lots of awesome reviews both from webzines, magazines and from our fans! It has really been a great to hear your thoughts about it! We have posted lots of reviews on our blog. Check the blog here!

I'm currently writing new songs for our next album. I'm very curious to hear what you think of the new music so please come back to see if I've uploaded some demos later!

and H.B are also writing on a song which will be released on an compilation album by Lion Music for the victims of the disaster in Japan. All income will go to the victims. Please buy a copy of it when it has been released. I'm not sure what date it will be released but it will be late spring or early summer. read more...

Download the lyrics for the whole album for free!!! You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file.

Today is the release of the new single and video “NMe – Myself & I” from the forthcoming album C.H.A.O.S. (release TBA)

The video is shot inside an old theatre to get the right vibe and environment for the song and it’s directed by the fabulous Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack etc).

The madness has begun and after the summer the C.H.A.O.S, will be set free…ENJOY!

Happy New Year!

The latest in the MindSplit camp are that the album is now complete, only graphics in the booklet left and it´s finished only a few days away…

An video to the song NMe – Myself & I has been created by director Ronny Hemlin and will soon be uploaded here…

We are waiting for a release date for the album and you will be notified as soon we get it…
Cheers // The MindS

Wehave added 10 songs and a few new photographs to our MindWaves & SplitVisions page. The songs are not in the same quality as CD-quality. We have also added 10 songs to our Myspace profile. www.myspace.com/mindsplitse.
We hope you all will enjoy our music!

e sure to add us as a friend on myspace if you got your own profile there.

Check out the offical song board here!!!


MindSplit featuring H.B. Anderson - Mathias Holm - Conny Payne and the MindMates: Jon Skäre - Jonas Lidström - Michael Rosengren - Martin Berger - Melody Payne - Nordanstigs Manskör. The album Charmed Human Art Of Significance (C.H.A.O.S.) will be released early 2010 by Lion Music...Enjoy!
The album is completed with all recording sessions, now it´s time to mix the whole 74 minutes and who get that mission is not settled in this writing moment...

Check out the new demo songs on the MindWaves & SplitVisions page. On our Myspace profile we got the whole song "A Purpose Of Circumstance". Check it out!!!

New demo song up on the MindWaves & SplitVisions page. "NME Myself & I". It's 3 minutes and 30 seconds of it for you.

We are currently working on the recordings of the choirs. When the choirs are done we will mix the album and then we are ready for the release. Gosh this album have taken time... But we can promise that the album will be a blast!
Much things has happend this year. All lead vocals , guitars, basses, and drums are recorded. At the moment we are working on some cover ideas for the album. What's left to do before the release besides the cover art is to record choirs and some keyboards and to do the ending mix of the songs. Our goal now is to release the album early in the year of 2009.

We are recording the vocals at the moment and Mikael have almost recorded all the keyboards. We have also uploaded a new song "Battle of the Mind" on our myspace page. www.myspace.com/mindsplitse. We hope that you will like it! Not the final mix though.
I'm proud to let you know that we have got a new member in the band! Mikael Rosengren ~ Keyboards. He have played with band such Scudiero, Token and Damned Nation.
Check his infopage here!

Be sure that you also check MindSplit on MindSpace!

Unfortunately our forum chrashed a few weeks ago... But from now it is up running again! Welcome in, What's On Your Mind?


Jon Skäre  told me that he in a few days will begin to record the drums on "Raging Waters Beneath The Spiritual Surface". As soon as we have a sample we will upload it.


Uploaded a sample of "Raging Waters Beneath The Spiritual Surface". The sample is from the 5th Chapter “A Purpose of Circumstance …”. You will find it under "MindWaves & SplitVisions"!

Uploaded a sample of "Visual Minds - Eternal Flame" with Jon on drums. You will find it under "MindWaves & SplitVisions"!

Jon has recorded the drums on "Visual Minds - Eternal Flame" (instrumental song) and it's Godlike!!!

Jon Skäre has now begun to record the drums on the songs.
The trackinglist is now completed and are under recording.

 I – “The Awakening Begins…”
• Prof. Xandau Prologue
• Blissful Confusion – State Of Mind
• Department: Artificial Universe
• Demonic Chat-Room

 II – “Silhouettes…”
• Dream Another Dream pt. I - Mind Sphere
• Escape The Reflections (Instrumental)
• World Outside
• Dream Another Dream pt. II - Mind Sphere

 III – “Time Session…”
• The Traveler – Prof. Xandau Monolouge
• Presence Of Time
• …elsewhere?
• Inside The Heart Of Silence

 IV – “Into The Depth Of Black…”
• Battle Of The Mind
• Visual Minds – The Eternal Flame (Instrumental)
• NMe - Myself & I

 V – “Intuitive Dielemma…”
• Through The Eyes Of A Child
• A Room With Thousand Doors - Prof. Xandau Intuition
• The Lonesome Road…to the Timeless Tell

 VI – “A Purpose of Circumstance …”
• Silver Lining (Instrumental)
• Vanishing Rage - Mind Conceptions
• Unexpected Grace
• Raging Waters Beneath The Spiritual Surface (Instrumental)

VII – “Abandoned Echoes (The Final Chapter)
• Breathe (Momentary Freedom)
• The Make Believer
• Imaginary End - Prof. Xandau Epilogue

Before 2006...
Check out the pressrelease here.

Questions are untold
Answers will unfold
All the memories are true
From things we never knew
The mirror never lies
It’s hidden in your eyes
Until tomorrows dream
Will be your redeem…
 © Prof. Xandau

In my darkest hours
Time will seek devour and kill the hope
The sun will shine behind it
Not able to reach and find it,
Whom only see the shadow of the rope?
 © Prof. Xandau


In silence I travel, a journey inside
Breaking the holy vows of our life
Shadows from the past dancing through me
It’s hollow, defenceless; this is real not a dream…
 © Prof. Xandau