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Welcome to MindSplit.se the Official MindPage.

MindSplit, a music project from Sweden. They are signed to the label Lion Music for the release of the album "Charmed Human Art Of Significance". It's a concept album based on memory notes from Prof. Xandau (1807 ~ 1859). The album was released on the 17th day of september 2010.


Musically, MindSplit is a mixture of
Progressive Metal and Classical hard rock.


“~ Charmed Human Art Of Significance will give you the answers…”



This is The Beginning of a new horizon,
the first step into another dimension
The clock is set; the time is right,
Bless the discoverers’ great divine
Sit down and lean your body back,
Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and embrace the black
Prepare for a journey through mazes in mind,
A travel through changes of turbulent time
Fall apart with the civil art is like a sacred curse
Welcome to my world, my grand design…Artificial Universe…
 © Prof. Xandau

The world is gone, it’s burning inside the sun
In the name of time our Father is next in line
The Mothers womb is suddenly the Reaper’s tomb
Creators delight has now become a dreadful fight
The meaning of death has arrived…
 © Prof. Xandau